Valentines cards are not usually on the top of my shopping list. Valentines day is not actually an occasion that we take all that seriously, or really celebrate much at all. But when it does roll around, I do find myself pondering when did I last do something thoughtful for my love. In the spirit of making more effort to acknowledge special days and call people on their birthdays, send a cards for special occasions and generally just be better at doing nice things for the people I care about, I am getting in early to round up a bunch of my favourite heartfelt cards from around the interweb.

Valentine Card To Warm The Heart


Simple and beautiful, and printed in OZ on environmentally responsible stock. I love everything about this card from Emma Kate Co.


My little bro just moved in downstairs with his gorgeous girlfriend. They like keeping it simple with all of the black things. Our previous neighbours were.. somewhat colourful characters. So it is such a breath of fresh air to have family nearby to borrow peanut butter from when our jar gets low and also means I worry less about neighbours overhearing all of my cranky negotiations with the toddlers.  This one from Hello Lucky seems like an appropriate housewarming note of love.


And I heart you too, adorable pink and black hand illustrated card.  Thankyou The Adventures Of Co.

Valentines Cards With A Personal Touch


Jess from In The Daylight is such a gem. We met years ago when I was still crafting homewares from home for my former brand Cubbylove at the Brisbane Finders Keepers Market and her brand ‘In the Daylight’ has since become one of my all time fav’s for greeting cards, stationary and illustrations. I don’t know where else I will find a card which says  ‘I love you more than getting 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep/grocery shopping solo/wandering the aisle at kmart/eating granola out of the jar/finding $20 in the back pocket of last seasons skinny jeans.’


Sometimes the big stuff, need not be spoken. I like your face too, sweet heart shaped balloon on a card. Pretty Meets Paper Co.

Valentines Cards That Tell It Like It Is


Able And Game, aways churn out the most hilarious cards and adorable apathetic looking characters. I love this guy because of his bad hat and turtle neck. This reminds me, these guys also make epic tea towels, I have been meaning to purchase one and hang it in my kitchen for years.


Because a coffee date is our mum/dad version of what used to be going out for an alcoholic drink. But a date is a date and coffee is my second love so this is pretty much the perfect card.  Hello Small World Paper


Its true, he did. And this card, had me at gold foiled letterpresses. Bespoke Press


Simple and lovely. Aussie designed and printed.  Chalk n Co.