I know fathers day is just around the corner, but for some reason this hot weather has me thinking about Christmas already. Specifically presents for kids.

I had a conversation recently with a friend about how many toys are too many. I try to be conscious of not collecting all of the toys, and I am pretty ruthless when it comes to culling, but we’ve still ended up with a designated room filled with more things than any kid could possibly need.

I have started doing this thing where I keep some of the good stuff in the top of our wardrobe and rotating things in and out. It seems to be working a treat.

We’ve had an abundance of kids birthday parties to attend in recent months (9 months on from xmas/new year, obvs), so I am trying not to laden my friends with more fantastic plastic stuff to fill their houses, in favour of other gifts.

Here are my top present ideas for small humans that don’t strictly fit into the toy category.

The Keep Cup

For babyccinno kids like mine, the keep cup has been the best investment. We have only recently truly got on board with ditching the single use plastics and cups so I feel like I really need to make up for lost time.

Most baristas will happily split a hot chocolate across our two 4oz cups. Also, its nice opportunity to teach the little ones about doing what we can to reduce waste.

My kids LOVE having a coffee cup like all the adults and when they see me pack them into my bag, they know they are in for a treat.

The Extra Curricular

One of my loveliest mum friends who I met in the toddler ballet waiting room told me about her Xmas requests for The Grandmas to pay for the next ballet term. I wish I’d thought of that myself.

A gift that goes toward funding swimming lessons, or trying a term at gymnastics, not only keeps more toys out of the house – but it gets the kids socialising, running around, and helps fill the Wednesday morning time slot between breakfast and nap time.


 A Great Basket

I have a large size African basket that I got years ago at Woodford Folk Festival. I love it, and over the years it has had many jobs (home for stuffed toys, spot to keep the throw blankets, collector of all of the mess right before friends arrive).

These days I use it for fruit & veg at the markets. A  small kids sized basket of their own for their own collection of rogue bananas and mandarins when doing the shopping would (a) keep them out of my hair, and (b) be totally adorable and also useful for other household purposes.

The Lunch Box

We don’t have a decent lunch box at the moment. I am typically lugging a million tiny containers of half eaten fruit around with me. So many of my friends rave about the yumboxes.

I also like the idea of the stainless steel variety, but need to do a minute of research around how they go with leaks (anyone have insight?).

 The Luggage

We have an old mini mouse kids suitcase that was my sisters. That thing must be nearly 20 years old. It is such a great size for holidays and sleepovers. Also it regularly gets pulled out and filled with things and wheeled around the house in all kinds of make believe games.

I am on the look out for one for the little guy. A kids suitcase is such a practical gift and one that can get many years of use. I kind of like the traditional suitcase style, but I am also kind of into these personalised hardcases from Pottery Barn.

For any kind of airport situation, I feel like the ride on Trunki cases are totally genius.

The Handmade or Hand-Me-Downs

My current go-to birthday gift for the many gorgeous little people in our live, is a handmade dress, or pair of shorts. I have been churning out  Tadah Tea Party Dresses but the half dozen (I LOVE the pattern and have already raved about it here).

For those that are less crafty, quality hand me downs are always so nice to both give and receive.

The Subscription Box

The last time I had a subscription was probably 1998 to Girlfriend magazine. Until recently, I had no idea about the many kids activity subsciption boxes out there.

Basically, you sign up and they send you a box each month or so with a bunch of activities for the little ones. I really like the look of the Clever DIY Boxes from clever patch and the Pipsticks sticker boxes.

A great creative present idea that has the potential to keep the little ones occupied long enough for a cup of tea.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to refer to this if you’re trying to think of something for my own small humans (Mum), or let me know in the comments if you have other ideas to share!