I always knew that I wanted to do a modern doll house renovation. Then, the moment I laid eyes this breathtaking masterpiece created by Linzi Macdonald, I became obsessed with the idea.

After pinterest-ing the idea non stop for a day or so I panic purchased an old dollhouse. I also picked up a bunch of furniture from gumtree. However I promptly realised I got the scale all wrong (giant armchair : teeny tiny lounge room #fail). So, like many other BRILLIANT (ambitious and maybe a little ridiculous/unnecessary) craft ideas, I threw the idea out the window.

It wasn’t until Christmas turned up unannounced that I plucked the idea back out of the archives.

The Last Minute Modern Doll House Craft-athon

I was hot out of present ideas, and I spotted an impressive – kinda tacky (but full of, oh so much potential) doll house at Kmart. Then I remembered the bag of old doll house furniture hiding in the cupboard and committed to a week long craft-athon. In hindsight, 7 days with two small children, 30 hours of shop girl shifts, two family xmas hooraahs to attend, and the entirety of my xmas shopping incomplete, this was perhaps not the most ideal timeframe. Especially to conduct the home renovation/interior design/styling job OF MY DREAMS. But hindsight hadn’t yet seen me armed with a hot glue gun or my pinterest board of modern doll house inspo.


Several late nights of crafting from the shadows of our walk in wardrobe in the hope of not being sprung by the curious toddler/soon to be (doll) home owner, this little beauty was complete.


I would be lying if I said this whole project didn’t fill some kind of when-do-i-get-to-renovate-a-real-life-adult-house-dammit sized void. But, there  IS  something pretty darn satisfying about rolling teeny tiny bath towels and stacking them neatly.




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