I think one of the best things about having this blog, is that it really encourages me to plan creativity into my week.  Would you believe I spent two-ish years studying fashion and design, sitting behind a sewing machine daily, and in Story’s entire life, this is only the third item of clothing I have ever made her (the second item I made about an hour before this one). Appalling.

Out of nowhere yesterday afternoon, after I got an early mark from work and while the kids were still at kindy (instead of watching netflix like I wanted or washing up like I should have)  I whipped out the sewing kit and had a solo crafternoon sesh.


Earlier, while perusing the aisles at Spotlight and fighting a wave of inspiration to buy all-of-the-fabric and make all-of-the-throw-cushions, (I had to have an immediate silent pep talk to myself “steady on sister been there done that, don’t you remember all those hours of sewing zippers into linen covers.. a.k.a Cubbylove“)  I stumbled across this adorable fabric on the bargains rack. I decided on the spot that matching mum and daughter jumpers were essential.

The fabric illustration is by Swedish illustrator  Isabelle Norman Sällström whom I have since internet stalked and discovered also makes wall prints, ceramics, and lots of other adorables.

The dress pattern is a vintage Mccalls pattern  I borrowed stole from my cousin. It’s a vintage 1967 retro girls A-line dress to be precise. I added the ribbed neck band and cuffs and opted for a fluffy primary-school-jumper fabric, that is oh so soft on the inside, and already covered in honey on the outside…

I will make a few changes next time, mostly so it looks less like a muumuu, and when I do I will make some kind of tutorial on how to whip this bad boy up on your own. This dress is a pretty darn easy and adorable sewing project for the beginners, and/or time poor among us.

Shapelessness aside, Sto loves it! and that alone is worth a celebration.