Recently I hosted a ladies lunch in my lounge room to celebrate the fact that my little sister is getting hitched.

There is nothing like the pressure of planning a party for a bunch of 20-somethings to make you feel like a 30-something, pregnant mother of two.

Especially when my own wedding was such a low key, hen-less event.

But thankfully, the whole operation was a team effort, and frankly, the bride-tribe and I totally NAILED IT.

Our brief, from the bride to be was “keep it low key, absolutely no strippers”, and “maybe lets do something kind of crafty”.

Our personal goal was to cater for a group of 15-20 gals, and to keep it local and affordable for all, but we also wanted to make a weekend of it for our bride, to maximise opportunities for her to drink, take selfies, eat cheese and dance away her last few weeks sans-husband.

Our solution, was a two part weekend.

Phase 1: Two nights away at a cute Coolongatta Airbnb for the bridesmaids and our bride.

Followed immediately by Phase 2: A boozy lounge room floor long lunch and crafternoon for the bride and all of her friends.

Logistically, spending two nights away and then racing back home to host a party in my house was a tiny bit crazy, but I felt it was important to make a whole weekend of it. So I sent Jai and the kids to the grandparents for the weekend, booked the cleaner and committed to the cause.

The Setting

We opted for a bohemian picnic style lunch, with cushions, low tables, fairy lights and flowers. We enlisted the help of a crafty boyfriend to make the tables out of pallets, hired the cushions from Marigold Styling, and DIY’d the flowers, napkins and menus”

The Food

We enlisted in the help of my talented brother to arrange all the food. He happens to live downstairs from me, so handy, and he is a bloody wizz in the kitchen. He took care of all the food, timed it perfectly and totally killed it.

We ordered this delicious cake.

The Drink

The lovely father-of-the-bride donated some cash to the cause, and we kept the drinks situation pretty DIY with a selection of wine and a lovely mimosa bar.

The Fun

In lieu of an official craft workshop, we decided to have a few activity stations set up for guests to opt in and out of at their leisure.

Our beauty bar had all the ingredients and directions and packaging to make DIY a homemade body scrub.

We also enlisted the help of our friend Emma from Ginger and the Love Club to help us whip up some leather tassle key rings.

And left a polaroid and a bunch of props for photo opps.

All in all, a totally great weekend. filled with cake,  champagne, penis straws and spontaneous tabletop dance routines.

Love ya Sis, enjoy married life XO