The Authorr in her Teva'sI had my first pair of Teva sandals in 1996. I remember because I wore them at year 6 school camp along with my orthodontic headgear.

Teva Sandals: Our History

12 year old me had no regard for fashion, only comfort – except for the headgear which was neither fashionable nor comfortable. I was so thoroughly impressed with the ease of a velcro shoe, that I strapped those babies securely onto my feet most days until at least mid 97. I did this until the Teva sandals were shelved in the place of the jelly shoe (with the heel, obvs).

So, I am sure you can understand my delight when I spotted an adult version on ASOS recently. I am by no means up to date when it comes to fashion trends and what not. I think that point is well displayed by the fact that the resurgence of the Teva sandals began at least a year or so ago and mine still show up in my mumma uniform most days. But, if they are good enough for Solange Knowles, they are good enough for me. And more importantly (though I am not about to overlook the fact that I have at least one thing in common with Ms Knowles), my Teva sandals are absolutely the MOST comfortable shoes I own.

Teva Sandals: Going Steady

I am certain I do not look quite as chic as these girls, but I like to pretend I do. Or at the very least, I like to pretend I am not just off on another chaotic trip to aldi but frolicking the streets of some colourful city.

I am happy to accept that my Teva sandals could possibly be the ugliest shoes I own  (closely followed by my birkenstocks). But, as 12 year old me established years ago, comfort is clearly the priority. Especially when lapping the streets of Brisbane lugging around two large toddlers. Also I have become aware that it might not be totally unacceptable to wear them over my bed socks. Too far?  Wondering if bedsocks, tracksuit pants and unwashed hair might be pushing it.

Teva sandals are amoungst my favourite shoes to slap on and run out the door. I am trying to talk Jai into a pair but he is not keen. The kids have their own set of favourites. You can watch our cute video showcasing their kids shoe collection here.

The perfect footwear for the fashion savvy mum