After a hiatus that lasted several years, I am back on the sewing wagon.

Give or take the occasional hemming of trousers, or quick kids cosy jumper creation, I had kinda lost my crafting mojo. But this week I’ve pumped out four adorable tea party dresses. And man, it feels good.

Getting back on the horse

Before this unexpected sewing binge, my sewing history was deeply rooted in making flashy hula hooping or showgirl costumes. If I wasn’t hand stitching sequins I was sewing pom pom cushion for my homeware label Cubbylove.

Prior to that, I spent 2ish years studying fashion. I learnt all the tricky and technical parts of pattern making, and draping and did everything from scratch. I loved fashion school, but my final assignment almost broke me. We’ve fondly referred to it as the dress of broken dreams ever since. Also, it kind of left my relationship with my sewing machine a little strained.

With all the unconventional garment making, and the grassroots pattern construction in my past, I actually cannot remember the last time I picked up a pattern, made a dress, and it all just worked first time around.

The Tadah Moment 🎉

Then I found the Tadah range of patterns. They are so damn easy to follow and delightful, I can’t put them down.

Hence why this little project, which started as a My Little Pony dress as a birthday present, quickly escalated into three more dresses. Two Princess Elsa costumes, and now this little floral sun dress. All in the space of a week.

These days, party dress patterns are downloadable in PDF form. I. Had. No. Idea.

Also there are entire Facebook groups dedicated to chatting about your sewing feats, and mostly gloating about your most recent tea party dress.

The Tea Party Dress

My most recent creation was whipped up before I left for work yesterday. Finishing it off quickly when I got home just as the kids began to turn feral.

I am pretty impressed by my recent sewing hustle. Even more by my commitment to this particular pink floral number.

Anyway, Story is thrilled as it is perfect for twirling. I am thrilled because all the floral will disguise any food drips that will no doubt occur.

This dress is called The Tea Party Dress (obvs) and I would thoroughly recommend. The necklines and sleeve combos are endless. And, it’s a quick and relatively straight forward sew for anyone with average to intermediate sewing machine skills.

I am yet to try any other Tadah patterns, but so far I am so so impressed.

I am going to make something for the little man next. Then I plan to go on an internet investigation to find what else is out there in this world of online patterns.