Recently my gumtree addiction has stepped up a notch. I have acknowledged that it is one of my guilty pleasures but the mindless scrolling through other people’s trash is almost becoming a cause for concern.

Lately I have been searching for two things in particular, a low laying bunk bed for the kids (it’s big bed time) and anything cane or rattan. A hutch, a plant stand, baskets, a magazine rack. I want all of the rattan things. 

It’s kind of annoying because in my op shopping prime I had a great collection of all of the above, but somewhere along the way it has all kind of dropped off.

Lucky for me there seems to be a bit of it around as bohemian interiors and thrifted furniture seems to have well and truly had it’s day.

So here is my inspo gallery of a bunch of rooms that are totally rocking the rattan detail. Because I suspect I may not be the only one with a blossoming crush on rattan right now.