Recently my friend posted this status update to Facebook.

"Can anyone recommend some good podcasts? I need portable intellectual stimulation for mum life. I'm approximately 3 midnight feeds away from succumbing to 'you'll never guess what these child celebrities look like now'."

It made me laugh.

It was also a GOLDMINE!

The post got 50ish comments, so I saved it to return to it whenever I am on the hunt for something new to listen to. Thanks Jolie.

Now that I am making a fairly hefty commute to a new job a couple of times a week I am really enjoying spending the time sinking my teeth (or ears) into some new podcasts and some old faves.

I thought I would share my current go to’s. Perfect for driving, washing up, or just tapping out of #parentlife for a minute or two.


Serial was my introduction into podcasts. Most people have listened to it (or at least heard of it) by now. And that is because it is great. It tells the story of the disappearance of a girl in Baltimore in 1999 and the subsequent arrest of her classmate and ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. He says he is innocent, many people say he is not. I finished the podcast not knowing what I think. It is a truly captivating listen and story and has instigated many round table discussions amongst friends since. If you haven’t yet listened to Serial (and really I can only vouch for series one) it is a great starting point.


This is Criminal is an oldie but a goodie. I think I went searching for something to fill the crime story void that Serial first occupied. Now,  I always come back to it when I am looking for something to listen to on my walk through town for the kindy pic up. It kind of fills the same space that Law and Order used to occupy for me. It is a podcast about crime. Stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.

At Home With …

I have followed  the At Home With… girls on YouTube for years. Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton are UK based beauty/lifestyle bloggers and have recently launched their podcast. Essentially they stop in to have a chat a snoop around the houses of various Londoners in the fashion / beauty / makeup industry (and beyond). It’s an easy listen and a non creepy way to have a nosey look at the way that other people live.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

TTFA is a new find for me. It is hosted by Nora McInerny  and is a collection of real talk conversations with people who have had shit things happen to them. The show encourages guests to answer honestly the question ‘How are you?’ and encourage more dialogue about the shitty things that happen to lots of people but often go unspoken about. Nora herself tells the story of how she lost her father, husband and unborn baby all in the space of two months. Other episodes talk about loss, illness, violence, infertility etc. It’s kind of a heavy listen, and honesty not every episode had me hooked but there has been some real thought provoking bits along the way.

Dear Sugar Radio

I recommended Dear Sugars to my sister and it wasn’t for her. It definitely takes a minute to get past the strong American accents, but Doctor Phil moments aside, Dear Sugar is one of my faves. It is a show that looks at relationships of all kinds. Guests write in with their story and the hosts Steve Almond and Sheryl Strayed talk it through and offer their advice and insight. I find that no matter what the topic is, I always walk about with some kind of ‘Ahuh!’ moment. Dear Sugars is always good to instigate a bit of helpful soul searching.

Mums With Hustle

Mums With Hustle host Tracy Harris is a teacher come Mumpreneur, Leader-of-many-mamas and total master of the mum/business juggle.  She leads her tribe of mums across all of the socials to realise their business dreams. The podcasts brings industry experts together to share their post mumhood business journeys and always leaves me feeling all ‘power to ya sista’! MWH is my favourite early morning listen, and my go to resource to learn all about this world of mums in business.


TRACE is an ABC Radio broadcast detailing the unsolved murder of Melbourne mother of two Maria James in June 1980. It’s a twisted and captivating story, and very much an Australian version of Serial. I definitely binge listened to this one. Would recommend.

I hope you enjoy these. I’m always on the search for more new podcasts to check out. What are your favourites? I’d love some links in the comments below!