Last weekend we had a date planned.

I booked the grands to babysit and started looking forward to a night out and eating my dinner with both hands.  I promptly decided that buying something new to wear was simply not a priority so I contemplated doing something different with my makeup instead. It took me about one second to realise I have no idea how.

In the end the date got called off due to a nasty bout of croup and a very miserable little man (with a very adorable husky voice), however the whole ordeal has demonstrated to me that I could do with a bit of a refresher in the makeup department.

Now, I have watched my fair share of ‘how-to-do-the-perfect-winged-eyeliner’ tutorials on Youtube, but those girls all seem to have the most perfect almond shaped eyes and things just never seem to look so crash-hot on these slightly hooded/eternally tired  peepers. So, I’ve called in my bud, fellow mama and pro makeup artist and teacher Jacqueline from Jacqueline L Smith Makeup for some help and a chat:

Thanks for having a chat, I am hoping you can help me look like less of an exhausted mess!

Firstly, how did you get your start in makeup and how long have you been in the industry? Tell us your story in a  nutshell?

Makeup is all I have ever done 😉 straight from high school I went into studying makeup so over 13 years now I have been in the industry . I studied for 2 1/2 years in the UK , in all areas of makeup from the basics , to fashion , editorial , special effects (all the blood and gore stuff ) and wig making. I loved it all although I have always been drawn towards the fashion , beauty and bridal side of things. From there I worked for various different companies and went on to become national makeup artist for the Estee Lauder Group in Scotland . I did this for a few years before heading over to Australia. I have gone on to work with other makeup brands and progressed into the teaching side of makeup ( travelling round and training up other artists and employees in more detailed aspects of makeup artistry )

I then took on a role as trainer at a large makeup academy in Brisbane , teaching students in all aspects of applying makeup . I did this for many years whilst continuing as a freelance makeup artist taking on A LOT of weddings per year and any fashion work that came my way .

So mum of two under three, do you even have time for makeup anymore? How has your beauty regime changed since having your girls?

I have mastered the art of applying my face in about 3 minute makeup most days now and usually with a toddler and a 1 year old playing with all my Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Mac products around me whilst I try and apply something as fast as possible!

So what is your slap-it-on-and-run-out-the-door makeup routine?

Yes! My must haves for every day are  concealer , mascara and a pop of cream blush to brighten up this tired face!

If I need to make slightly more effort I might add in some brow tamer , a swipe of bronzer , some liquid liner and a slick of gloss. 

My day to day makeup is pretty minimal, but on the odd occasion when I have somewhere fancy to go, I get stuck. Do you have any foolproof suggestions on how to change things up when caught in a makeup rut?

Instead of always going a standard smoky eye you could add a bright colour to the lips , not a red but I like a bright coral or pastel pink. Not everyone suits a bright lip though so if a nude lip is more your style but you are still stuck in a rut with your eye makeup then try doing a super grungy smudgy lower lash line instead of the smokiness that is usually on top , you could add in a hint of colour to match what your wearing.

Any makeup trends I need to be careful not to over do?

The smoky eye of course . It still takes a certain skill to apply 😉 just remember to blend blend blend and use a few shades . Go a light , medium and dark shade and blend together .

Also the Kardashien style contouring trend is definitely the rage just now but just be careful you don’t end up looking like you have stripes all over your face !

Makeup must haves for the morning after the night before? You know, the hourly wake up kind of nights..

Concealer Concealer Concealer and MASCARA! If you can invest in a nude shade eyeliner to pop in the waterline of your eyes to brighten them up and take away the redness then I would also suggest that. 

What is your favourite beauty product for under $15?

Oooo this is a tough one , You cant get much for under $15 these days !

Of course every girl should have some Paw Paw ointment for various uses.

What should we be spending a little more on?

SKINCARE ! You have to spend the big bucks for good skin care as makeup is only as good as the skin it applied to !

One makeup item you could you not live without?

Mascara, oh AND Liquid liner 😉

Thanks so much hanging out, Jacqueline! I feel like I have a stack of pointers and might need to have a little makeup-spree to update my stash. I am looking forward to catching you very soon for our upcoming collaboration and very first event!

In the meantime, head over to Jacqueline’s new Instagram account to see more gorgeous work from Jacqueline L Smith Makeup.