Last week I spontaneously quit my job.

Maybe not my most responsible move in hindsight by man it feels good.

I’ve found something else to fill the monetary void for the meantime, and am doing my best to manifest the perfect part-time work situation that allows for general work/life/family balance – but this process made me reassess what is important to me.

If you saw my post about all the things I don’t give a f*ck about, you might recognise that I’m in the middle of performing a bit of a life audit.

So I thought it fitting to cultivate a list of things I do care about, in no particular order:

Things that are important to me.

1. Making  time to be creative

Its in my blood and when I don’t do enough of it, I get very very cranky.

There was a big chunk of my life where I hula hooped and fire- danced to pay the bills. Now that that period of my life is over, I have to fill that oddly shaped creative hole with something else.

Lately that has been sewing and blogging, but who knows what the future may bring.

2. That the peanut butter doesn’t end up in the fridge

Apparently last week I put the honey in the fridge and significantly interrupted the flow of toast prep.

I wasn’t around to witness the fall out but if the kids feel about honey the way I feel about peanut butter, I’m genuinely sorry for causing condiment disappointment.

3. Keeping a Tidy House

Jokes. My house is usually a giant mess.

However it is important to me that our house is at least reasonably clean/organised for at least some small portion of the day.

Tidy home, tidy mind.

4. Not Having A Hang Over

Fear of tomorrows hangover is real. It is the voice in the back of my head that has me backing away from another glass of wine. Because having a toddler come and jump on your head at 4.30am is hard enough.

5. Shopping mindfully.

I recently wrote all about my slow fashion endevours.

My goal is to buy quality over quantity and be mindful when it comes to fast fashion.

But the same goes for all of the things,  groceries, homewares, toiletries. Less (stuff) is more.

6. Getting Our Money Sorted

Not some new years resolution about saving but more a committment to get my affairs in order so we can retire happily someday down the track.

The Barefoot Investor was the kick up the rear that I needed and the realisation that we have zero innate finance skills.

So along with the eternal battle to spend less and save more it is important that we are savy when it comes to negotiating fees, interest rates, etc.

7. That Jai Doesn’t Start Eating Dinner Without Me.

Maybe it’s my Italian background but meal time is very important to me.

Specifically I am talking about Friday night beer and yiros nights that happen post kids bedtime and showers at our house. AKA my favourite night of the week.

It happened once, he dived into the chips before I was situated on the couch, and I still feel a tiny bit sad about it.

Its not about the chips its about the ritual – and its important to me.

8. Sleep


9. Hanging Out With People I Like

You may have read recent about my friend making endeavors successes.

I am all about asking randoms who seem cool if they want to hang.

10. Voting

Jai is so well informed it has inspired me to get educated on our political system and take interest in who governs the country and not just vote mindlessly for the same old party every time.

For me it comes down to knowing where my values lie and being educated about what is going on in our country, and not being afraid to be a conversation starter.

11. Night Time Showers

Because the shower and my bed are high on the list of my favourite places in the entire house – and getting into bed without washing the day away is bound to lead to bad dreams.

12. Morning Showers

As above. But if I had to chose I would drop the morning shower and take the evening one.

13. Waiting For The Little Green Man To Cross The Street

The loss of a friend to a road accident years ago, and my generally tendancy to err on the side of rule following, has left me with a healthy fear of the roads.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to teach the kids about waiting our turn.

14. Using A Keep Cup

I’m ashamed to say we were slow on the uptake when it came to committing to regular keep cup usage.

Sheer lazyness had me buy too many takeaway coffees with little regard for the environmental impact of all that cardboard and pastic. Then I did the math. One coffee a day each for a year (and honestly some days we were buying two) that is over 700 cups sent to landfull just from Jai and I.

War on Waste cemented it for me. How bloody appalling. It makes me sick. Jai has since given up coffee altogether, and I have a rule: ‘no keep cup no coffee’, simple.

15. Their, There, They’re

Because you’re grammar is important…. see what I did their?

16. Wearing Clothes That Feel Like Me.

I don’t even really know what my style is.

However I know instantly if something feels like me or not, and that feeling can be the difference between a good time and a bad time.

17. Neighbourhood/Lifestyle Balance.

We live in a rad neighbourhood where everything is in walking distance and the lifestyle impact has been awesome.

The downside is that our rented house is a bit of a ghetto (you can read more about that here) but the pay off is totally worth it.

18. Workplace Respect.

Unlike a certain homewares chain I very recently worked for, I value respect. Regardless of title or position it is important to me that everyone be treated like the equal human beings that we are.

19. Birthday Cake

Cake should never need an explanation.

20. Family Meals

Mum was a stickler for family dinner and it is a work in progress here but we do manage pretty semi-regular family breakfasts.

They are the brief calm before the storm of the day and our chance to enjoy the awesome foursome that we are.

21. Exposing The Kids To All Walks Of Life

Because the truth is, we are middle class, white folk and in reality a very small slice of the wider population.

It is important that the kids see that there are endless types, and ways, and colours, and beliefs.

22. Manners

When Story was 6 weeks old I did my first Finders Keepers Market with Cubbylove in a haze of newborn exhaustion.

I got chatting with a lady with her two young children and her advice to me was “Teach your kids manners and everything will be ok”.

I believe she was on to something.

23. Making a distinction between Gender and Sex

In the words of Rain Dove, “Gender is a state of being. Mannerisms, cultural teachings, what type of clothing you’re wearing, the way that you speak, the way that you hold yourself, the type of energy that you feel in your body.”

For lots of people it is the same, but for some people it is not and its important that that is A-Ok.

24. Bedtime Reading

For the routine, and for the learning, and for the time sat snuggled up in their bed.

25. Being Kind

To your family, to your friends, to the homeless guy in the street, to your mum, to the sales assistant.

No act of kindness is ever wasted.