We have reached the point where I am so attached to coffee, I am now literally rubbing it all over my body.

The rational side of my brain is well aware that I can’t actually get a rush from absorbing caffeine through my skin, However even the idea of a long hot shower in a foggy bathroom is enough to give me a bit of a buzz. So, if it smells like coffee and leaves my skin silky soft and smooth, there will be nooo complaining here.

I am quite partial to a quick homemade body scrub. They take seconds to whip up and have a way of making me like I am making some small effort to look after my skin. You can check out my recent peppermint homemade body scrub recipe or if coffee and orange takes your fancy… give this one a go..

What You Need:

1/3 cup coffee grinds

20ish drops of orange essential oil

1 heaped tablespoon of coconut oil (or your preferred oil)

1/3 cup of raw sugar


Firstly, mix it all together,  then jump in the shower and get exfoliating!

This makes enough for a one shower sized serve. I do find it keeps quite well in a jar, so mix up a big batch and save some for later.