The guilty pleasures. The things that have the rational voice in my head saying “uuummm, have we thought this through?”  In the interest of full disclosure and self acceptance.

Here is a list of all my shameless quirks. Not even sorry.

1. Cereal Top Up’s

Adding a second third helping of granola to ‘soak up’ the last of the milk in my breakfast bowl.

2. Gumtree

I actually have a tab open for Gumtree and Ebay right now. Thrifting is my absolute favourite and gumtree takes the cake. I probably laughed at Darryl Kerrigan, when I first saw The Castle. Now I practically am him and he was right… $55 dollars for a cane magazine rack? They’re dreamin’.

3. Ice Cream

Soft Serve to be specific – the drive through kind. I AM AWARE IT IS COMPLETELY GROSS, and I am not saying I indulge on the regular. But there is something about soft serve that just takes me back to scraping around in my school bag for loose change and hanging out in food courts  being all teenage and stuff. Jai is so disgusted whenever I mention the idea.

4. Mmmbop

1997 was the year I graduated primary school and the year I decided that Zac Hanson was my future husband. So when Hanson rolled into Brisbane in 2013ish, I owed it to my 12 year old self. I also told Jai that if Zac wanted to pash me then it was happening (Jai was totally on board). There was no pashing, but there was maroon lipstick, a bindi and high waisted mum jeans.

I also may have snuck in a show on this recent Melbourne trip. In our defence the tickets were free and we did leave before the show ended (because, bedtime) but, ain’t no one gonna stop me from a bit of midday mopping to the middle of nowhere.

5. Sleeping In

On regular weekdays we try and alternate the ugly task of getting up at 4.45ish to fetch the breakfast and cartoons for the kids. The days when its my turn to stay in bed are what dreams are made of.  Even if I spend most of the time trying to block out the squealing by giving myself silent pep talks about why I deserve to lay in. Sleep ins aren’t what they used to be, but I will take whatever I can get.

6. Youtube

We watch barely any TV but Youtube is another story. Way too often one of us will exclaim.. “what are we doing?” and continue on down the Youtube rabbit hole until I realise its past my bed time (anytime after 10.05pm). It’s the daily vloggers that get us hooked. For the past few months we have been watching 23ish year old bmx riding hispter galivant around the streets of NYC. Every darn day. We are also pretty committed to Casey Neistat. I frequent Lily Pebbles, and The Anna Edit and we also regularly watch Joel Beukelman.

7. Extra Long Showers

For well over the recommended four minutes, often leaving the actual washing to the very last minute in favour if standing staring at my feet and incrementally increasing the temperature. Like some kind of cat (the hot water) and mouse (my entire body of skin) challenge.

8. Cheese

Any time, any way, and almost never in appropriately sized portions.

9. House Hunting

For homes well out of my reach and not even necessarily in our local area. I am forever finding the perfect renovator or block of land for us to build our imaginary dream house and emailing them to Jai with the subject line “For my birthday? thnx”.

10. True Crime

I am so damn curious about the ‘why’ of crime? When I was a kid I wanted to be a dancer or a policeman. The detective in me has been around for a long time. Podcasts, newspaper reports, sometimes regularly I even read court documents for fun (seriously wtf?). I am just so curious.

11. Web sleuthing

This is a thing and there is a dedicated website I believe.  The art of scouring the net to find out all of the possible things about some person/place/thing is something I am level expert. NOTHING CREEPY, just all your regular current / news / crime events / weird past neighbours that spark my interest.

12. Texting From The Toilet

A bit gross, but #mumlife has led me to all kind of multitasking solutions and this is one of them.

13. Eating Cold Leftovers

From the saucepan well after dinner has been served and finished, and right before I dish the left overs into their tuppaware. Pasta is my dinner of choice for this particular supper time snack.

14. Grannie Undies

Before I had babies I didn’t even realise maternity undies were a thing. But they are, and they are so gloriously roomy, it seems a shame to stash them in the back of the drawer just because my pregnancies are over.

15. Drinking Cold Water In The Hot Shower

I know most people do this but with a cold beer. The thing is, I don’t love beer, and I feel like I can’t throw one back at the same pace that I can with a cold glass of water. If you haven’t tried this, do yourself a favour.


And that my friends, concludes yet another listical overshare.

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