Today I’m handing over to my dear friend Hannah, the talented and hilarious lady behind Dorothy Love, to take us for a walk through her wardrobe, and chat about all things mum-life. Hold on tight, she is a real hooot.



Manic laughing from the top of a mountain of textile cut offs, computer bits and baked goods.



I’ve got the keeeyyyysss to the kingdom!
Strap in readers, I’m taking over.


Artist rendition of Dorothy’s conquest of The Togetherish HQ


Furious typing ensues… It reads:


You may have noted in Magda’s ‘My Guilty Pleasures’ post, there’s mention of multiple Hanson concerts, specifically encounters with Zac Hanson.

Well, it’s not a competition, but I was a part of both those adventures, and you should know that I touched Zac’s sweaty back at the show in September 2012.

We might have fallen in love, and maybe a part of me will always love him, but it turns out I was destined for someone else who sweeps me off my feet every day – Mmmbop that!

Anyway, focus. That’s not why I’m here.

Aside from my history with Magda and Hanson, I’m a partner, step mum, and new mum. All mixed in with creative, small business owner, avid baker, deep sea lover, good lunch packer.

The above is certainly not definitive.

That list of things ebbs and flows, building and weaving at all times, to make me who I am. When the band upgraded to quartet from trio, my entire being changed, but was decidedly still the same – a new old me if you will.

There are a few things though, that in this metamorphosis have become even more important to me. One of which is the idea of sustainability and conscious consuming (you’d be familiar with these themes if you’re a reg on The Togetherish no doubt).

Being a small business owner the #shopsmall and #buylocal have always been close to my heart (p.s for you curious cats/rad hearts Dorothy Love is my space).

One of the things that gets everyday consumers, is the familiarity of big retail, be it by name or location and our new-now lifestyle.

I guess with my new-found-Togetherish power I’d like to share some of the labels local to me I’m currently obsessed with.

Labels making good quality items AND engaging in sustainably smart production, not to mention rocking the Australian design scene in general.

So without any further fluffing or pixie-dicking around, here is my September handful:

APOM – apart of me

I found these ladies in the neighbourhood right next door to me: Windsor, Melbourne!

Heavily pregnant at the time and hoping for a dress to wear to an up coming wedding APOM was the biggest treat to find. They even offered to alter my dress in store to ensure it was oh-so-perfect, which it was.

Keep your eyes peeled for their cheeky sample sales too I’ve got a mean dinosaur button up your hard pressed to peel off me.


As I fan girled over a friends label Nico, following them from pop-up to pop-up, I came across Pulka sharing a retail space. In all her cosy glory.

Believe me, before I moved to Melbourne I had no idea of the importance and practicality of good quality, warm, basics. As much as I cringe to admit it but I’d survived on years of poly blends, suffering through the cold like a proper Queenslander with nothing but whiskey to warm my back (amirite?!).

I’m now a real adult, with a beautiful mint green merino pullover to last a life time.

Lois Hazel

Fashion label Lois Hazel speaks to my heart.

My big fantasy is to own all the jackets and pants this label ever makes – but while I’ve got my practical hat on, the one coat is fine, and incidentally the perfect top layer to my merino pullover (as mentioned above).

Recently, designer Lois (Hazel?) McGruer-Fraser participated in Design Within Country, a project with Marnin Studio. It fills me with so much joy to see designers and community collaborating.

This is after all, what its all about.

Liberty Emma

Look, this ones from across the Bass, but Im pretty hung up on her. Liberty Emma is leather goods that make me feel like a proper gal.

Honestly, my handbag is sometimes the best dressed thing leaving the house. If ever I felt like I related to a label, she’s probably the one.

Liberty has a beautiful story with the label growing alongside her first steps into motherhood in 2011.

Now with a full range of accessories, homewares and *NEW* apparel, I can only cheer in awe of this woman’s ferocious capacity to follow her dreams.


There you have it dear reader, thanks for taking the first step in shifting to conscious consuming by being apart of the

You’ve been an absolute delight.
P.S. – P.S.A – Zac Hanson has Instagram now.

No worries.

xx Hannah Rose