A few years ago, one of my very favourite friends forwarded me an email that effectively changed my life.

It simply said: “I read this and thought of you xoxo”, with a link to an article by Daniele Laporte, titled:

The light choice is the right choice. Don’t say yes until it feels … light.

It was the day after we had caught up for coffee and I had, as usual, talked her ear off about one of my latest idea. I can’t remember the details, only that I always seemed full of big pressing decisions to make.

I read the article, had the lightbulb moment, and have used this strategy for all of the decisions ever since.

“It’s so simple it’s brilliantly clarifying: Does it feel light, or does it feel heavy? It works for creative focus, and money management, and dinner reservations. It works for deciding where to give your time, your expertise, your Love, your devotion.”

So this is todays post. It’s brief, but the message really helped me on that particular day, and has continued to help me with all of the big stuff. Whether to take that job, whether to continue studying, whether to order dessert—every decision, ever since.