This little D.I.Y has been on my to-do list for years. I have seen a gorgeous wire sign that says ‘It’s beautiful here’ kicking around pinterest and was inspired to make something similar. I had been trying to dream up the perfect ‘family slogan’ or find something inspiring for this project but I decided to go with potty humour and decorate our loo door with one of our favourite toilet time quotes from our biggest little person.

If you would prefer something a little more refined for your own four walls, the below process still applies.


Wire (I  chose armature for its pliability)
A Hot glue gun.


(Also, they’re not pictured, but don’t forget pliers!)

I started by scouring the internet for a suitable typeface to mimic. I chose shorelines script to help guide my wire bending, though I am sure that more confident crafters could either skip this step or use their own cursive handwriting.

From here it was simply a matter of bending the wire into place and then wrapping it with the chord and using hot glue to hold it in place here and there.


This took me a few evenings (whilst watching netflix) to finish but overall was a super easy project, and a lighthearted addition to our decor.

We hope to keep this sign around for a few years to come. It serves as a genuine instruction for people who may hover around the toilet door and also as little reminder of all the treasured and hilarious conversations we have with our kids as they grow into their own amazing little people.