Our couch is in serious need of some TLC.

In truth it needed to be replaced years ago, but the budget has not yet allowed. So in the meantime I need to get creative. At the moment it has a daggy blanket covering the whole thing because I cant bear the sight of it. This is a new decorating low.

‘Update the couch’ is on the list for sometime in the next year, but we’re not quite ready yet, and there are still way to many sticky vegemite fingers hanging around to even bother.

So for now, I am going to do a bit of a reshuffle of cushions and throw rugs to keep things looking acceptable.

My first step is to scour the internet for inspiration. I thought I would share in the gallery of delicious images above.

Research so far suggest I have four options.

Make A Couch Cover:

This is kind of what we have going on at the moment. Although, instead of a lovely piece of linen, we are using a daggy old grey blanket.

Beautiful image and couch from myscandinavianhome.com


Overwhelm The Couch With Colour:

I can always get behind a bit of bohemian decor. The couch is like the heart of the house, right? So it makes sense for it to be full of colour and able to easily camouflage all of the colourful kid things that will no doubt end up on it.

Photo from www.onekingslane.com Thank you


Wrap The Couch In Blankets:

Using blankets to cover the ugly is not a bad option. Wrapping the seat cushions up in something that is more easy on eye gives a fresh base to build on. Also, if you squint, it almost looks like it has been reupholstered.

Blanket Covered Couch
Thankyou for the lovely photo frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk


Drown The Couch In Cushions:

Cushions only have one real purpose. To sit there and look pretty. This is an instance where I feel a whole collection of cushions will be the perfect distraction.

Thankyou for the gorgeous photo John Derrian Company via Cisco Home


I am not sure yet exactly which direction our couch will take, but I am feeling a whole lot less overwhelmed now that I have had a minute to think this through. Ready to tackle to sad ol’ sofa.

I will be sure to share the outcome when we get there.