Well the title sums this one up. Three ingredients, less than three minutes to prepare and voilà! We have an at home almost-spa-experience in a jar.

A quick scrub in the shower on days when I am feeling a bit blaaah is, sometimes all I need to feel a little more together.  I have tried a few different oil and sugar combos, but nothing quite beats the ol’ white sugar and coconut mix. I like to add some peppermint oil for a bit of a minty burn, and it makes me feel a little more zen.

Good for tired feet, good for thirsty skin, and I have found that a routine of scrub, shave, re-scrub, re-shave, wips my  hairy italian pins into tip top condition – seriously so silky soft and smooth.

I am more of a -throw it all in and give it a stir kind of girl. But if you prefer measurements -this combo should do the trick:

1 cup of sugar

1/2 a cup of melted coconut oil (or any oil that you are happy to smell like)

20ish drops of peppermint essential oils.

Store it in an airtight container and away you go.

I had planned to make a jaffah inspired coffee and orange body scrub but i decided an old jar of dried up instant simply would not do. Stay tuned my caffeinated version of this body scrub soon.