A note from Magda:

I have been so darn sick with the flu, I have basically gone off grid. I can’t even manage the cohesion to wander across the street and order a coffee let alone whip up something interesting and thought provoking for the blog – BUT FRET NOT!

Thanks to super motivated past me, and an uncharacteristic bout of organising, my younger (and cooler) sister, Genevieve, has come to the party with a bag full of ideas for top spots around Brisbane to suit any sort of date night. You’re in for a treat.

Date nights aren’t meant to be stressful…

It’s kind of ironic that Magda asked me to write about my top date night picks in Brisbane because if any one knows me, they will know that although I do like to go out and be ‘social’ , I way more prefer to stay in, cook something delicious and watch a movie or a series and fall asleep by the second scene.


However, when it comes to going out, there’s one criterion:

The food has to be delicious.

I didn’t think I was an anxious person however when it comes to a menu, something definitely changes. I get serious anxiety about whether or not I’ve made the best possible choice on the menu and also massive food envy/FOMO of everyone else’s meals that are circulating the restaurant before our meals arrive.

It’s actually a problem, and I have been working very hard to not make it a deal breaker, but sometimes it makes me quite emotional for the rest of the night.

Over the years we have worked out a few ways that kind of solve this problem. They are:

Playing the numbers game

Jessiah and I order 2 main meals and share both so there is a 50/50 chance that one, if not both are going to be delicious. More often than not he picks better than me and ends up eating my sub delicious meal, while I devour the goodie (really sorry about this babe).

Safe bets for important occasions

We have also decided that for celebratory dinners, (birthdays, anniversaries etc), we have to go somewhere that we KNOW is delicious to prevent major disappointment. (This usually entails a trip to our favourite Korean food hall Madtongsan II to order an A7, A13 and who could forget our good friend B9).

Take risks when there’s nothing to lose

We then save the ‘let’s try this new place that’s just opened’ for no-reason date nights and it’s okay if it’s a fail because I haven’t been anticipating the food for 7 days prior and my neuroses won’t be triggered.

So far this has proven effective.

Getting to the point of this blog – I do have a few fav date nights spots in Brisbane.

The ‘let’s go out for a drink and some music’ date night

DooBop Jazz Bar

A recent discovery of ours. A Brisbane jazz bar that has live jazz every. night. of. the. damn. week. – and really great cocktails, so you can’t go wrong (unless you’re not into jazz I guess). We found ourselves there until 2am on a Saturday morning mesmerised by The David Bentley Trio and I hear Katie Noonan hosts every Monday night, so that’s pretty great.


The ‘it’s Wednesday and we have no food in the house’ date night

Wandering Cooks

This place is really cool. By day it is a commercial kitchen for whoever wants to use the space and by night it hosts an array of food truck vendors that are always creating delicious cheapish meals. Follow their Instagram to find out which vendors are currently circulating.

Hardgrave Road, West End.

There are so many good spots in this restaurant hub. In fact some say there are two types of people in West End, those who’s favourite restaurant is Quan Thanh, and those who prefer Trang.

For anyone that loves no frills, cheap and super delish food (lots of great Asian cuisine, mostly BYO), you are bound to find your next mid week meal here. A few to note:

Quan Thanh

Delicious Vietnamese & Chinese cuisine. The ‘make-your-own’ spring rolls are great for a date, and the clear noodle soup is amazing.


Another delicious Chinese & Vietnamese option. Anecdotally, while vegetarians friends seem to lean towards Quan Thanh – Trang has often been the preference for the rest of us.

Little Red Dumpling Bar

Chinese Dumpling bar. Great for sharing plates, and the shallot pancakes are amazing.


For an ultimate Turkish feast. On Tuesday nights the banquet is a bit cheaper, which is as good a reason as ever to eat more amazing Turkish food than should be legal ☺️

The ‘actually trying to be romantic’ date night

A Good ol fashion pic-a-nic. 

First date or not, a picnic is always a good idea.

Wine, cheese, crackers and your favourite hors d’oeuvres is always a winner, or even cook at home and bring your dinners to your favourite spot.

If you’re feeling super lazy, ordering takeaway and eating it on a grassy knoll somewhere with pretty skies works too.

Our top picnic spots are:

Highgate ‘Hill’

On the corner of Dornoch Terrace and Hampstead Road is a quiet park with gorgeous view of the city. A perfect spot for a low-pressure date purely because it’s lovely but not a cliché cheese-ball obvious date spot.

Kangaroo Point (at the top)
Well, this one’s a given. One of the best views in the city, and plenty of cheesy first dates going on around you to silently judge as if you’re not doing the same thing.
Kangaroo Point Gazebos (down the bottom)

A little less obvious than the top of the cliffs, but equally lovely. There are a few cute benches that sit out over the river – very romantic, however make sure you bubble wrap your ankles as the sand fly sitch was very unromantic.

One of the gazebos is also home to someone less fortunate: just let him have it because there are plenty to go around.

Comedy Nights

Because dad jokes are what I live for, and Jessiah needs some practise:

Although it can be hit and miss – open mic comedy nights lend itself to a great night out. If you find you’re susceptible to secondhand embarrassment they can be a challenge, but there are some talented people in this city!

I phoned a friend for this one, and my good pal and local comedian Jordan Kadell listed the best places to catch a laugh:

Heya Comedy

Heya Bar every Wednesday is the best.

Knock Off

The Powerhouse on Friday nights is great too.

Full Disclosure

The Menagerie has comedy on the first Monday of the month – love that room.

Yarn Storytelling

This one is not strictly comedy, but it is an ideal date night too.

Yarn is live story telling – comedians, writers, artist, scientists whoever, tell a story off script for 10 mins. Amazing.


So there you go folks.

Writing this has made me realise that we should get out of the house more and actually do these cute things I mentioned above again.

If only fleece robes and slippers (from Kmart of course) were as acceptable as Uggs were for other countries, l would happily be out every night.