A collaboration between Brisbane creative duo Magda & Jai Mitchell – a partnership whose previous achievements include a homewares business, the best sandwich ever invented, and two beautiful children.

About Magda

Magdalene Mitchell is a city dweller, dreamer, maker of many peanut butter sandwiches. She is a former social-worker, fashion designer, homewares company founder (she released two collections of hand-made homewares between 2012 and 2015 under her ‘Cubbylove‘ label), and a retired professional fire twirler/hula hooper/dancer.

As mumma to the most vivacious little girl and mischievous little boy, her weekdays involve many bubachino bribes in coffee shops for a moment of adult conversation, pushing 30kg-ish of toddler around the streets of Brisbane, dreaming up home decor DIY’s, pinching lengths of devils ivy from neighbourhood gardens and juggling chasing her dreams of living a creative life with the reality of folding endless laundry. And just trying to keep it togetherish.

About Jai

Second fiddle on The Togetherish is Magda’s longtime lover, collaborator, best-friend, and husband, Jai Mitchell.

Jai is a digital product designer (translation: he makes apps) for Brisbane based digital ventures studio, Josephmark, and has a colourful history working in the music industry (as a guitarist, bass player, band manager, venue promoter and festival founder) and in various other industries (as an industrial abseiler, a cocktail bar-man & waiter, and as a barista).

You can often find Jai at an event for the design industry group he started, Product Of BNE or working on a random side-project (like this one).

The Togetherish is Magda & Jai’s tiny corner of teh internets. A collection of the things they are making, buying, trying, eating, drinking, doing and thinking.