Last Sunday, The Togetherish hosted its first event – and it was a raging success!

I teamed up with my gorgeous friend Jacqueline, who first shared her skills with us a while back in this makeup-shakeup interview.

Ever since, we have been meeting over babycinos (to the tune of three year old tantrums) to nut out the details for a workshop get-together, and scheming.

We’re both passionate about creating kick ass events for busy mums (and non mums) to come together for a little self-care, some time out, and an opportunity to whip out all those creative skills – the ones that often get lost under the piles of laundry and breakfast negotiations.

So yesterday, for our inaugural (and pilot) doo, we gathered a small bunch of our favourite friends and fellow mamas for an afternoon social soiree dedicated to creative collaboration… and a little indulgence.

Jac treated us to an afternoon of makeup demonstrations, tips, tricks and a Q&A on all things makeup related. We ate cheese, drank wine and mulled over eye highlighter application and lipstick shades.


This workshop was the first in what I hope will become a series of fun events to bring busy mums/friends/sisters and creatives together to do something fun. To get crafty, learn something new, share some skills, and maybe enjoy a wine or two.

We were treated to a variety of lovely treats by some wonderful sponsors and contributors who made it all way more fun and each need a mention.

Mim from Aurora Floral Studio, treated us to some gorgeous blooms.

Peachy dreams and table garlands 😍

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Melissa from Oh How Sweet gifted some beautiful cakes.

Crystal Cupcakes for this afternoons Sunset Soiree with @jlsmakeup & @thetogetherish 💎💎

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Rachel from RachCreates offered us her mad photo taking skills.


Hannah from Dorothy Love gifted our guest some hand crafted wears.

Coffee winter and Sterling silver ⚒

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Jessie from In The Daylight gifted us some beautiful illustrated cards.


Lach from Lock Stock & Barrel provided us with some lovely wines.


And I prepared a little hand-made Rose Sugar Scrub, a new variation to go with the Coffee Orange and Coconut Peppermint scrubs I’ve made in the past.

Aside from learning from an absolute pro about how to best cover these eternal eye bags (and locking her in to do my makeup for an upcoming night out) it was great to spend an afternoon with a bunch of inspiring and creative new and old friends.

The goal was simply to offer up a nice afternoon and encourage our pals – and ourselves – to take a little time out.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about this series as it develops.

If you have an idea for a workshop you would like to attend, or perhaps if you are keen to collaborate, please get in touch!

Otherwise, watch this space and go give my creative buddies some Insta love xx