I’ve just turned the house upside down looking for my wedding ring. I think I can now say it’s officially lost – so I am feeling nostalgic, and thought I’d share our wedding video.

I am not sure if our wedding falls under the category of eloping. We did kind of run away and get married, we did invite our immediate family, but we didn’t tell anyone else about it until we posted this video on Facebook a month later.

There was no white dress, no tuxedos (Jai didn’t even wear shoes), it was at a music festival, it was raining, our amazing celebrant was wearing gumboots – it was perfect.

Side note from Jai: The video is by Polly Snowden (legend), and the song is by my favourite band in the world – ‘Hiatus Kaiyote‘. I discovered yesterday while clicking through Magda’s Youtube account, that the band now earns royalties whenever our video is viewed. So watch a few times, they’re worth it.