I am on the hunt for a new jumper.

I know it will only be brief, but we are having a bit of a cold snap here in Brisbane and I am overwhelmingly underprepared.

This morning I ventured out on foot to meet a friend for coffee. After suitably rugging the kids up in there winter warms, I turned to my jumper draw to find nothing but a souvenir ‘Rome’ hoodie my folks brought back from Italy, and my favourite basic black long sleeve shirt, which,although lovely,  is definitely not 8am-walk-through- the-windy-city warm.

I opted for the long sleeve tee and the goose bumps, and added ‘buy a jumper’ to the list of things I need achieve this week.

If you are following along at home, you will remember my recent commitment to shop smarter and slower. I am trying to avoid the fast fashion traps – so with that in mind, I’m ignoring my panic at the thought of spending money and shopping around for a fab new ‘quality’ jumper.

An investment piece, so to speak.

The goal:

To find something classic and top quality. I want something that is ethically and sustainably made, and mum uniform appropriate. I would also like to avoid venturing too far into Bridget Jones territory.

My internet round up is in the gallery above. There are definitely some goodies up there, but I am still not sure I have found the one.

In the meantime, I plan to gather up the troops kids, and see if I can find a pre-loved jumper or two at Salvo’s.