Holy Moly do I need a minute to myself. I don’t know what has gotten into the tiny people at the moment but this household has been a little too manic for my liking. Actually I know exactly what has gotten into them – let me tell you something, threenager is a real thing.

With the bath/dinner/books/bed routine behind us for the night, I have reached my favourite collection of short minutes in the day where I get to do something other than wipe things and get yelled at about yoghurt.  After the dinner time fiasco that saw me spill half a jar of coconut oil over an open flame and nearly burn the house down, tonight, I have reached for the wine. But typically (or on days when we are out of drinks) I have a small collection of simple pleasures that help me invest in a bit of self care amongst all of the chaos, that is #mumlife. 

  • Buy a nice candle. – Sounds totally cheesy but there is nothing quite like sitting on the couch post hair wash, with a cup of tea and a candle burning to end a busy day. And we all know candles are not for kids, so there.
  • Invest in some new sheets – We just switched to linen sheets and it has been a total game changer. Sleep is good however you frame it but sleeping on fresh linens, even if it is only in spurts of 3-4 hours at a time, is something else.
  • Use some fancy soap – The shower is hands down my fav spot in the house. So when I manage to escape to the bathroom without a child in tow, having a fancy soap to greet me helps me forget all the gross stuff I came in contact with that day. Currently I am using this delicious AESOP scrub, which I would never normally be able to afford but was gifted to me by my sister and it makes me feel fancy and smell yum.
  • Get some comfy undies. My fave undies are from Nico Underwear. They are soft and sustainable and sexy but totally practical. I sat down for a chat with Lis recently about all things motherhood which you can read here.
  • Buy some new PJs. Until recently, I never really had allocated pajamas I just threw on an old shirt of Jai’s. Then on christmas eve,  I introduced this new family tradition were we all get new pajamas and play board games (it was cute, feel free to claim this tradition as you own). I bought myself a $7 nightie from Kmart and was genuinely shocked at how much more relaxed I feel when settling down for the night in certifiable sleep wear. I have since gone back for two more $7 nighties and sleeping in an oversized mens shirt just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.
  • Listen to a good book. Reading an actual book sounds like bliss, but is unlikely in this current climate of #toddlers. I have however recently discovered audio books and suddenly I am finding I have all this time (driving, washing up, folding laundry, cooking dinner) where I can sneak in a chapter or two. 
  • Have a hot drink. Hot drinks can not be rushed. It’s a reminder to take a little break. I buy a nice coffee every-darn-day. If I think about it in dollar value it makes me anxious but the ritual of getting out of the house to get a coffee and meet a friend or chat briefly with the barista’s is just too valuable and frankly, it keeps me sane.